About Syracuse Digital Marketing

Utilizing an array of proven tools, methods and strategies we are able to help build up the online presence of local businesses to compete with the Goliaths of their industry. With over 5 years of experience implementing digital marketing strategies, search engine optimization (SEO), managing digital advertising campaigns, and building starter websites for small businesses to get their foot in the door with customers searching for their products and services the web. We are dedicated to serving the Central New York area for many years to come.

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Helping small businesses compete with the Goliaths of their industry with a full-suite of digital marketing services.

Our Local SEO Expertise:

With over 5 years of experience in the digital marketing industry, the founder of Syracuse Digital Marketing is well connected in the industry, not just in the Syracuse area, but across the country. His career started while he was still finishing his bachelors degree at Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies and College of Engineering & Computer Science. Since working as an intern for a leading CNY agency, and climbing up the ladder, he honed his skills as far as he could there. While constantly working on personal projects in his spare, he discovered a natural talent for picking apart Google’s search engine algorithm to manipulate it to his advantage. This raw talent was being wasted in the limited confines of his role there.

After taking a job as the Manager of the SEO department at a well-known tech start-up, headquartered in downtown Syracuse, he was given more resources, opportunities, and tools to advance his skills in the world of internet marketing. With a successful track record as the lead in-house SEO, he became ready again to branch out and do more, hence the birth of Syracuse Digital Marketing.

His goal for the company is to be an affordable and trustworthy option for local small businesses. After seeing so many friends and strangers alike get scorned by so-called “SEOs” selling bad services, both cheap and expensive, he knew there was an opportunity for him to help people and businesses in his community. While small businesses don’t always have the large budget the name players in the space require clients to spend with them, they still need digital marketing and SEO to compete with national competitors in their industry. With little overhead, no fancy office, and 0 Tesla’s in our parking lot, we are the solution small businesses have been waiting for. The digital marketing Goliaths will soon meet their David.

Our Service Area:

Our focus service area is the Central New York area, serving local small-medium sized businesses in the following counties:

  • Onondaga County, NY
  • Oneida County, NY
  • Madison County, NY
  • Cayuga County, NY
  • Oswego County, NY
  • Jeffereson County, NY
  • Monroe County, NY
  • Broome County, NY
  • Cortland County, NY
  • And even more counties, cities, villages, and towns across Upstate, New York!