SEO Consulting Services for Startups

Startups should focus on Search Engine Optimization from the very beginning. Whichever company in the particular space the startup in trying to occupy succeeds on SEO, will almost always surpass the life of any competitors. Without SEO, a brilliant tech startup can die. That’s where we come in.

Our founder has years of experience working with startups, and knows the ins and outs optimizing startup’s for the keywords they need to outrank their competitors.

Startup SEO Case Study:

Our most notable success story is a tech start-up in Syracuse, NY. Since working with them on their search engine optimization strategy and implementation of technical SEO and website content SEO, they have seen the following results:

  • 822.5% increase in Top 3 organic positions
  • 524.2% increase in Top 10 organic positions
  • 605.2% overall increase in organic keywords they rank for
start of seo plan for startup