Professional Logo Design in Syracuse, NY

The Importance Of A Logo

Your company’s logo may be just as important as the actual product or service that you provide. The logo is the foundation of your company and the face that customers think of when they hear your name. Your logo is your brand’s identity, and what makes the real first impression of your business, which can be the deciding factor for many potential customers and clients when it comes to doing business with you. If a logo is this important, then you should have it designed by someone who will provide you with an aesthetic, memorable logo that grabs attention and portrays your business’s values and mission while standing out from the competition. 

Need A Logo?

Uses For Your Logo

You don’t begin to truly understand the importance of a logo until you start building a business and see how prevalent that logo is over the course of everything you do. Your logo will certainly be on your website, business card, and social media. If you’re fancy, you may even have it as part of your email signature (which we highly recommend). Depending on your business and what you do, you could have your logo on envelopes, writing utensils, clothes, and even vehicles! Being something that can represent your business in limitless ways, it’s important to invest in a logo that’s the perfect fit for your business.

Black & White Vs. Colored Logos

We offer both colored as well as black & white logos. B&W logos are the same as your normal logo, but they’re monochromatic in that they only use one color without shading effects or other clutter to make it as simplistic and versatile as possible. 

Single color versions of your logo can be especially useful for materials that are difficult to print on, such as company apparel & swag.

Why Get A Black And White Logo?

There are many situations where it is beneficial to have not just your colored logo, but a B&W one as well. When scanning and faxing documents it is common for them to come out distorted and faded, but a B&W logo and document will greatly lower the likelihood of this happening. Some products require B&W files to be printed properly because the machines used don’t offer support for colored files. Lastly, when collaborating with other brands you may be asked to send a copy of your logo in a B&W format to better blend your company’s logos with the other to avoid color clashing.

Our Creation Process

  1. Design consultation
    1. We learn about you, your business, your branding, and company values to gain a better understanding of your company, then any ideas you may have had, and put them together to find how we can best represent what you do.
  2. Mockup logo review
    1. After making a few designs we meet with you to find the design you like the most, then make final touches based on your suggestions.
  3. Final draft review
    1. After making the suggested changes to the logo you chose, we meet one last time to make sure the final result is everything you thought it would be, making final touches as needed.
  4. Logo delivery
    1. We deliver the final logo design to you in multiple formats to serve any purpose you may wish