How do I get my business on Google?

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First things first, “getting on Google” is usually pretty easy. If you have a website, start by submitting the URL to Google to be indexed (this can be done in Google Search Console). Showing up where you want to be for keywords that will drive new customers and revenue is the long game. It should also be said, the same processes go for getting your business on Bing, Microsoft’s version of Google.

Getting on Google (Business Listing & Maps)

Setting up your Google Business Listing is free if you do it yourself, but it’s not nearly as easy for people who have never done it before. Digital marketing companies such as Syracuse Digital Marketing can help get your business a Google Listing which will show up for your brand name, on maps for local business searches, and for related industry keywords.

When you hire an industry expert, your chances of showing up higher for desirable keywords and acquiring more potential customers also increases. It’s knowledge that comes from experience in setting up dozens or even hundreds of Google Business Listings. Call it the tricks of the trade.

My company is already on Google, how do we show up higher?

Showing up higher on Google and for keywords your customers are searching for is the bigger task. Just having a website and being on Google isn’t enough anymore. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is a service many digital marketing agencies offer, but few actually do well at.

You can try and do it in house or by yourself, but that is seldom recommended. Your competitors who hire professional SEOs will easily surpass any SEO done by a busy business owner with other tasks or a college marketing intern.

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